Industry 4.0 – a Smarter Way to Do Business

What is Industry 4.0 Smart?

A new way to build cities. A new way to build futures.

Integrated buildings. Seamless connections.
Information on-demand.

We build futures. We architect seamless connectivity, driven by urbanisation and other global trends. We lay the foundations and deliver beautiful, intelligent solutions.

Integrated knowledge, as if by magic.

Our Smart City strategy

Data Centres

Located at the industrial edge: in factories or other operationally sensitive environments.

Smart Market

Understanding global trends and client needs. Serving everyone from airports, to government, to hotels and beyond.

Clever Buildings

Predictive maintenance, biometric features, convergent networks. Buildings that are self-aware.


Smart Farming

Farm-to-table, faster than you thought.

The future of farming and agricultural industries is reliant on connected technologies.

Edge solutions support every link in the food supply chain.
  • On-farm technology
  • Distribution systems
  • Food processing

Smart Packaging

Click and collect. Click and connect.

Physical items converging with their digital identities. Broad, cross-platform support for NFC. Educate and market in real-time.

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