IoT – Living on the ‘edge’

The IoT infrastructure comprises of:

The Device, The Network Edge, The Server

The objective here is to process near the device, so that an instantaneous response is sent. This is especially true for products that use generated data algorithms and machine learning to make autonomous decisions.

Sending data back to the cloud could negate the anticipated value. The cloud leverages resources that may not have continuous network access – tablets, smartphones etc.

Edge provides the real-time data needed to operate things like manufacturing lines, smart traffic lights, guidance systems and automated machinery. It even provides the seamless knowledge needed to make data-backed, autonomous decisions. It gives things the opportunity to grow, learn and transform to their potential.

Cloud and Edge – a synergetic future

The key to building sustainable,
high-quality data solutions is to incorporate both models into one strategy.

The structure is simple.

Edge Computing
Where time is of the essence
Cloud computing
Where security and volumes are paramount

For IoT products, it’s imperative that stacks are integrated and computing exemplars are layered. This optimises the processing power of IoT.

The world is changing. Data protection is evermore fractured and international operations mean adhering to multiple privacy regulations can be an expensive, complex hurdle.

Storing data locally—where the data was collected—relieves these headaches. The closer your data, the greater control, protection and system optimisation.

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