Intelligent Operations, TRANSformation and Data  Corporation (New Tech)

Who we are

Started during Covid19 as a consequence of the challenges faced by many organisations that struggled to survive the pandemic, we are a leading edge innovation and information (data) organisation that helps business acquire transformative leading edge capablity derived from insight.


Core areas of  expertise that we focus on include:

  • Data Centre Transformation and Operations
  • Edge Value Realisation
  • Innovation Insight Engines
  • Tokenisation of Information
  • Fractionalisation of Data
  • Operational Innovation


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Top Reasons Why Choose Us!


Technically Astute

Culturally Aware

Focused on Risk


Our services

Data Transformation and Value Realisation Services

Data Centre Operations Services

Businsss Transformation and Compliance Services

Tokenisation of Information

Critical Infrastructure Design Construct and Operate

Operations and Service Improvement (Insight Engines)